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Why did I write this book? Because I tired of trying to work in the system and decided it was best to share my ideas with as many people as possible.

Why don't I publish on-line as an e-book? Breaking News: I did. Still, I believe the best way to disseminate information for long time use is through traditional books. I once thought it a great idea that all books be on CD or other electronic media. Then I awoke and realized, that I cannot take a CD out under a tree on a beautiful day and read to my heart's desire. So that you may, I have opted to publish my book in the traditional method of paper.

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SIZE 5.5" by 8.5"
PAGES Approx. 500 not including contents
and bibliography
BINDING Softbound w/90# color cover
PUBLISHER Fain na hEireann Publishing
AVAILABILITY NOW, Direct from author
PRICE USD $20.00
This is cost!
Call for outside U.S.A.
Email me at: dr-bill at zianet.com

The Constitution IS NOT an outdated or outmoded document
The Constitution IS NOT written in an archaic form of English
The Constitution CAN BE read and understood by anyone with a reasonable command of English
The Constitution DOES NOT require a law degree or legal training to understand
The Constitution IS one of the greatest documents created by Man
The Constitution DOES NOT NEED to be interpreted. It is written in plain English and means exactly what it says.
The Constitution CAN BE changed but only through amendment and NOT by other methods such as interpretation which are used merely to sidestep the proper way to change the Constitution
The Constitution APPEARS to be completely unknown to our elected officials
The Constitution HAS BEEN violated numerous times beginning with the First Congress

About the Book and About Me!

For those who have never heard about me or my book, here's some info. About nine years ago, I became incensed at the actions our elected officials were taking in violation of our Constitution. I developed an acute interest in the way our government was handling itself with respect to the rights enumerated in the Constitution. I began my education in the dark recesses of Constitutional law. What I learned would astonish most people. What I decided needed to be done was the writing of a book which would bring what I learned into the light. At first, my beliefs were that it was minor and only recent in occurrence. After spending time locating, studying, and restudying many books, I found that violations of the Constitution, as supreme law, are not new but that these violations were increasing in number and intensity of recent years.

What I did find was that since Day 1, those we elect to political office have utilized the office for their own benefit. Each and every Congress has passed laws which violated the provisions of the Constitution they had sworn to uphold. Excuses abound, with "the restrictions can't be absolute" most common. But the restrictions ARE absolute. The federal government is bound by those restrictions because all power flows from the people and if the power is not granted then the federal government does not legally have it. The government claims most of their power not from the limited grants of the Constitution but by implication and by taking clauses out of context. It is interesting to note that powers by implication are selective, in that only certain powers are claimed which is strange for if the Constitution allowed for implied powers there are no written limitations concerning those implied powers.

The outcome of my work is a series of about 110+ short to moderate length essays on topics of interest to me. These essays are collected into my book, The Rape of the Constitution . The book is NOW SHIPPING for a price of $20.00 plus SH&I.

To order,e-mail me with order info. We can ship COD but prefer to use either prepay cash/CHECK.

I provide the reader with a list of bibliographic materials to help in the reader's advanced study of the Constitution and the topics of my book. I do not expect all to agree with my opinions but I would request readers to fully study what I have to say and to study the actual documents before reaching a personal opinion.

My personal opinion is that we have developed an aristocracy, the legal community especially the federal judges, and an oligarchy, our elected officials. These elitists have one objective in mind, the control of society to develop THEIR idea of perfection.

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