Dr. Boyle's Voting Receipt Plan

9 NOV 2000

For several years, I have advocated that voting machines print a receipt for each voter upon the conclusion of that person's vote.

With the current hullaballo over improprieties in the recent election, it is time again to get others involved in trying to get this our elected servants to make this law.

The concept is simple. Voters would cast their ballot or vote on the machine. The machine would then print a receipt of the vote for that person so that votes could be verified.

My system would reduce the problems of casting a vote incorrectly as the recipient would know instantly if all was correct. Incorrectly cast votes could be immediately voided and a replacement vote cast. The receipt would include a code and the election official would run the receipt back through a reader which would delete the first vote and reset the machine to receive the replacement vote. Of course this is going to cost money but it is pennies when compared with the current fiasco.

In addition, having proofs in the hands of each voter allows for a check against vote fraud. In order to maintain the integrity of the system, local clerks would be required to keep the results available for 12 months and any voter so wishing could go to the clerk and with proof of identity, get a reprint of the vote cast by that voter in the last election.

Get behind me and call, write or otherwise contact your elected representatives. Get them behind the "VOTER RECEIPT" and lets get fraud out of our elections and under control.

Dr. Bill Boyle