CHEM 110                                     
                       Ninth Take Home Quiz                               

1. Name the three types of radiation emitted by radioactive
   isotopes and give a brief description of each.
   and give a brief description of each.

2. State the periodic law.

3. Name the two scientists who are given the most credit for
   discovering the periodic law.

4. What did the blanks in Mendeleev's periodic table indicate to
   him ?

5. List five physical properties and one chemical property of the
   metallic elements.

6. List three physical properties and two chemical properties of 
   the nonmetallic elements.

7. Name the group of metallic elements which are the most
   chemically reactive.

8. Write the formulae for the following polyatomic ions.  Be sure
   to indicate the charges.

    ammonium                                hydroxide   

    cyanide                                  sulfate 

    nitrate                                 carbonate


9. Write electronic configurations for the following ions.

    Na+                    Mg2+                      K+

10. Write a balanced equation for the reaction of sodium metal 
    with metal.

              2Na(m) + 2H2O  --->  2NaOH   +   H2(g)

Answers to Set 9