CHEM 110
                      Eighth Take Home Quiz

1. Write electronic configurations for the following atoms and




2.  A) How many valence electrons does an atom of oxygen have ?

    B) What is the valence of oxygen ?

3. Which one of the following types of electromagnetic radiation
   consists of the longest wavelength radiation ?

    Green light                 Gamma
    UV                          Infrared (IR)
    Radio                       X-rays

    Which one has the highest frequency radiation ?

    Which one consists of photons having the greatest energy ?

4. When an electron in a sublevel of an excited atom drops into a
sublevel of lower energy, how many photons of light are emitted ?

5. Which of the following electron configurations of atoms
correspond to excited states rather than ground states ?

        O       1s22s22p33s1

        Na      1s22s22p63s1

        Na      1s22s22p63p1

Answers to Set 8