CHEM 110
Fifth Take Home Quiz

1. How many water molecules are in one mole of water ?  

2. What is the mass, in grams, of one mole of water ?  

3. What is the mass in grams of one water molecule ?  

4. Perform the following operations: 

        1 mole of Fe         =    _____ g Fe 
       1 mole of CCl4      =    _____ g CCl4  
        0.023 mole of NaCl   =    _____ g NaCl 
        6.5 g of HF          =    _____ mole of HF 

5. Give the atomic masses of the following elements.  

       H C O Cl Cu U 

6. Compute the molecular masses of the following substances.  

                  CO2    HClO3    S8  

7. Compute the mass of one mole of each of the following 

           Cu    O2    C12H22O11    Al2O3  

8. Lime, calcium oxide (CaO), is prepared industrially by the 
   thermal decomposition of limestone, calcium carbonate (CaCO3).  
   Carbon dioxide is also produced in this reaction.  Write a 
   balanced reaction equation for this decomposition.  

   Calculate how many grams of lime can be made from 275 g of 
   limestone using this reaction.  

9. Sulfuric acid, H2SO4, is made industrially by the reaction of 
   sulfur trioxide (SO3) with water.  Write a balanced reaction 
   equation for this process.  

   Calculate how many grams of sulfur trioxide are required to make 
   75 g of sulfuric acid using this reaction.  

 Answers = Please work before checking