Study Questions for Chem 110
Second Worksheet

1. In chemical reactions, the total weight of the products ___________

  the total weight of the ________________.

2. State the Law of Definite Proportions.

3. Write symbols for the following elements.
   lithium          carbon            oxygen
   neon             magnesium         silicon
   sulfur           argon             calcium
   titanium         chromium          iron
   nickel           zinc              arsenic
   bromine          strontium         radium
   silver           tin               iodine
   lanthinum        platinum          mercury

4. Name the elements having the following symbols:

     B           N          F          Na
     Al          P          Cl         K
     V           Mn         Co         Cu
     Ge          Cd         Ba         W
     Au          Pb         Th         U

5. Write the formulae for the following substances:                       
   water                           carbon dioxide
   ammonia                         sulfuric acid
   hydrogen gas                    oxygen gas
   ozone                           nitrogen gas
   sucrose                         glucose

6. Indicate whether each of the following substances is
  molecular or ionic:

             H2O              NaCl

             CaO              NO

             Cl2              CCl4

             CO2              Al2O3

             HNO3             P4

7. Balance the following chemical equations:

   H2    +   O2       -->       H2O

   Ca    +   O2       -->       CaO

   Al    +   O2       -->       Al2O3

   Al    +   F2       -->       AlF3

   Na    +   Br2      -->       NaBr

   NaOH  +   H2SO4    -->       Na2SO4    +     H2O

   C2H2  +   O2       -->       CO2       +     H2O

Answers - Please check after completing