CHEM 110 
                       Eleventh Take Home Quiz 
  1. What carbohydrate reacts with water in the presence of a 
     suitable enzyme to form glucose and fructose ?  
  2. What carbohydrate can not be metabolized by humans but can be 
     metabolized by cattle and termites ?  
  3. Match the following.  
         found in nail polish remover            a) ethanol 
         found in alcoholic beverages            b) acetic acid
         preserves animal tissue                 c) formaldehyde 
         found in vinegar                        d) acetone 
  4. Write the formulae of ammonia and nitric acid and give the 
     important industrial uses of each.  
  5. Draw the structure of phosphate ion.  
  6. Why is arsenic so toxic ?  
  7. Oxygen is the most abundant element in the earth's crust.  
     Name abundant natural materials composed of compounds of 
  8. Name one of the most important industrial uses of chlorine. 
  9. Which group of elements is the least chemically reactive ?  
  10. Give one use of each of the following noble gases: helium, 
      argon, and neon.  
  11. Which element is the only metallic element that is a liquid 
      at low temperatures ?  
  12. Which metallic element is used to make filaments for 
      incandescent light bulbs ?  
Answers for Set 11