CHEM 110
                       Tenth Take Home Quiz

1. Write a balanced equation for the reaction of sodium metal 
   with water.

2. Indicate the industrial uses of the following compounds.

    sodium chloride                     sodium carbonate

3. What is the principal compound found in teeth and bones ?

4. Which of the following pairs of elements are most similar in 
   the chemical and physical properties ?

           C and Pb    K and Na   K and Ca   Al and Cl

5. Write the formula for gypsum ?

6. Write a balanced equation for the conversion of gypsum into 
   Plaster of Paris ?

7. Write the formula for calcium carbonate.

8. Name some natural materials composed of calcium phosphate.

9. Write the electronic configurations for a sodium atom, a 
magnesium atom, and an aluminum atom.  Also write electronic 
configurations for a sodium ion, a magnesium ion, and an aluminum 
ion.  Which electrons are lost when these atoms are converted 
into the corresponding ions ?
10. What are the two most important allotropic forms of carbon ?
    Why are these allotropic forms so different ?

11. Name some naturally occurring materials which contains silicon.

Answers to Set 10