Study Questions for Chem 110
First Worksheet

1. What is Chemistry ?

2. There are two kinds of materials, pure substances and


3. Describe what occurs when vinegar is added to baking soda.

4. Describe what occurs when sugar is heated.

5. If a pure substance CAN NOT be decomposed it is called

  a/an _________________.

6. If a pure substance can be decomposed it is called

  a/an _________________.

7. If a mixture has the same appearance as a pure substance, it

  is called a _____________ ___________________.

8. If a mixture has nonuniform properties, it is called                   

  a ________________ __________________.

9. Give four examples of each of the following materials.                 

   a) element                                                            

   b) compound                                                           

   c) solution                                                            

   d) heterogeneous mixture                                              

Answers - Please check after completing