Things to study for the 4th Exam

Chapter 12:

    Know how to write a K for any reaction.
    Know how to plug in pressure values to calculate a K
    Know how to use Q to compare to K for reaction direction
    Know homogenous and heterogeneous equilibira definitions
    Know how to predict the reaction direction
    Know Le Chatelier's Principle and be able to apply it
    Know how to combine Ks from multiple reactions and how to add 
    reactions to create a new reaction

Chapter 17:

    Know how to calculate the change in entropy
    Know how to calculate Gibbs Free Energy 
    Know how to use the Q factor to determine reaction direction
    Know what the signs or Gibbs Free Energy, Enthalpy, and 
    Entropy mean.

    Know the 2nd law of thermodynamics
    Know the how S changes with phases
    Know in general terms the usual direction of a spontaneous 
    Know the third law of thermodynamics
    Know how pressure and concentration affect Gibbs Free Energy
    Know the relationship between Gibbs Free Energy and the 
    equilibrium constant

                    DG = -RTlnK

    Just like DS and DH, know how to add two reactions and how to 
    determine the DG of the combined reaction (Pg 486)