A Short Note to Explain Your Rights in Mexico versus the U.S.
(C) - Copyright, 2002 F.W. Boyle, Jr., Ph.D.

Your Rights in the U.S. Your Rights in Juarez (Mexico)
Pursuit of Happiness
Access to an attorney
A phone call for help
Innocent until proven guilty
Numerous other rights and privileges
guaranteed or granted to citizens of the
United States

The reader should note the lack of rights in Mexico. When you cross that border for entertainment, to go drinking, to party, you leave ALL those rights you learned about in school at the border. Those rights exist only in the United States, and in toto, no where else in the entire world. U.S. laws, rights, and privileges apply ONLY in the United States.

What will YOU do what the shit hits the fan and you are in a foreign country, i.e. Mexico? Many will think that kind of stuff only happens to other people. That's exactly what every guy or gal things happened to thought. That's what happened to several people I know personally. Do I go to Juarez? Not on YOUR life. I quit years ago when a Juarez cop demanded money or our car wouldn't be there when we came back. Remember, when you leave the U.S., your rights don't travel.